minicomics live 3, post 16– new page 8 pencils

This is why you should accidentally lose track of your original pencils and and drop them on the floor upside down and roll over them a couple of dozen times with a rolling chair like an irresponsible idiot.

Perpetual Motion, old page 8 pencils

Perpetual Motion, old page 8 pencils, now crushed into a wrinkly wad, but still surviving in digital form.

Because when you redraw the page, the second version will be much, much better than the first one.


page 8 new pencils

Compare, contrast, discuss, but I’m pretty much 100% sure that the new page makes the old one look like a rat’s behind.  I think the layout is better and the inventor’s pose  is not only more interesting, but makes her look much more involved with the trophy in an accepting way. Since this story is mostly about how Bud helps this character change her attitude about the trophy and what it represents, it’s probably good to punch that up a bit.  (This interpretation is strictly my opinion– Josef thinks the story is about an amazingly awesome creature called Josef and how he went to a coffee shop with Bud on Bud’s break and all he got was a stupid fizzy and NO SCONES at all.  Not one.)

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