last minute gift idea

Here’s a last minute gift idea for any storyteller or story lover who is old enough to speak clearly and/or write or draw.  It’s cheap, it’s interesting, it’s small, it isn’t fattening or perishable, it’s quiet, it doesn’t need batteries, and you can buy it at a big chain drugstore.  (The last being an incredibly important quality in a last minute gift.  Big chain drugstores are your last minute gift headquarters.)

Find it in the game or toy aisles (mine were on an endcap at our local Walgreen’s):storycubespackagea set of Rory’s Story Cubes.  The idea is simplicity itself: nine biggish dice made out of decent quality heavy plastic, each side printed with a more or less iconic symbol, and a nice little orange cloth bag to keep them in.  Some are very concrete,  some are symbolic, some are vague enough to be considered cryptic. storycubes1 Rules for a children’s game are included, but anyone with an ounce of imagination can think of a million things to do with something this strikingly weird.  I can imagine throwing all nine cubes and writing a story that connects all the images.  I can imagine throwing one cube, writing for a set period of time, then throwing the next to find the next turn in the plot.  I can imagine doing the same with a group of people, each throwing a cube when it’s their turn to take over the narrative.  Most of all, I can imagine writing a story about the cubes themselves and the mysterious Rory, or another set of similar cubes full of images of strange gods and spirits, cubes you throw if you dare.  Then maybe I’ll get a set of blank cubes, and make a set of my own …

Anyway, lots of fun. Rory, you are to be commended.  These are simple and brilliant and are going on my packing list for my big satchel.

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