tumblr sunday on … wednesday?

Cartoonist gets distracted by shiny new gadget (it takes pictures!  it blogs! it plays “bejewelled”!  you can pick out shiny new apps for it!), completely forgets about tumblr Sunday.  It’s the oldest story in the book.  That said, this image is worth waiting for, I think.  It comes from the Hopelessly Lost Toolbox,  the cartooning resources tumblr I maintain, which is full of all kinds of art and writing stuff.  This is probably my favorite of all the tools in the toolbox.figure drawing resourceI really, really wish I had drawn this myself, but it belongs to tumblr user Xiao Mao at kstipetic.tumblr.com. Most of us have noticed the casual sexism of the figure drawing texts that show us endless angular men in dominant or action poses, while curvy women either react passively or put themselves on display.  Some of us have even complained about it.  But  it takes someone who is both clever and perceptive, and a very good artist, to bring the counter argument to life using the immortal principle of “show, don’t tell”.

A comic featuring these two characters would probably be delightful.

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