best of the drawing of the day–week 46: a tall guy


February 26th, 2013
“a tall guy”
EF Lamy pen over pencil
©2013 Pam Bliss

Yeah, he’s a pretty tall guy.  At the very least, he’s  one of the tallest drawings of the day I’ve done in a long time.  That’s probably why he’s here.  This is year five of the drawing of the day project, and all of those drawings have been drawn in the same sized sketchbook.  By this time I really feel that I have explored the artistic possibilities of the 7 x 10 inch sheet with the spiral binding up the left side fairly thoroughly, so it always surprises me when I come up with a new way to fit a figure onto the page.

This pose was inspired by a corgi, who uses a similar half upright to see something at seat of the chair height.  How a pose taken by a short legged dog can be transferred (and fairly successfully, I think) to a very long limbed hexapod, is one of the mysteries of artistic license.

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