drawing of the day bonus–farewell to sketchbook #20

There’s one thing you can definitely say about a drawing of the day project: it’s good for the sketchbook business.  Yesterday I started sketchbook #21.  So this week you can expect to see a few of my favorite drawings from #20 that never appeared here in the weekly “best of” feature.  (Hey, I can do more than one interesting drawing in a week, right?)drawingofthedaybonus-022513This is not only one of my favorites from this sketchbook– it’s one of my favorite drawings of the day ever.  I just love these two little guys and their easy, affectionate relationship.  And the tall person’s polka dot ears just make me laugh.  It has the easy feel of one of the “lucky drawings”, the ones I do with a brush with no underdrawing, but it was actually penciled and laid out rather carefully.  My goal is always to make my brushwork drawings look like they “just happened”, effortlessly and organically.  On very rare occasions they do, but more often, when the effect is achieved at all it is the product of careful planning beforehand.

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