blogging from the new laptop

That didn’t take long.  It was just last Saturday morning that the laptop now known as “Old Stinky” suffered an inexplicable hard drive failure.  The hardware is almost certainly salvageable, but whether Old Stinky will be resurrected as a Windows 7 machine or become a zombie running some sort of Linux is an open question.  But if there’s one thing I know it’s that I need a laptop, so rather than wait around to find out I replaced Old Stinky with New Stinky.  Ordered him last Saturday afternoon, and now, on Friday after supper, I’m up and running again, with all my old data, and even my Firefox bookmarks, salvaged from the old HDD.  This is, of course, completely awesome and entirely due to the expertise of the resident IT guy, who has spent the last three evenings eliminating the bloatware that came preloaded on New Stinky, and then wrestling with Windows Updates and the software loading/data transfer process.  And all this is after spending all day at work messing around with hundreds of other computers.  This is above and beyond the call of duty and I am sincerely grateful.

Why did I replace my old Stinkpad with a new one?  Mostly, it was because I trust the IT guy that the hard drive failure was a random event and not something wrong with the design of the machine itself.  And I like everything about these laptops so much: their clicky writer’s keyboards, the red touchpoint “eraserhead” pointing device that means you can avoid the touchpad without plugging in a mouse,  the double mouse buttons, and above all the fact that they are *not shiny*.  Matte keyboards, matte cases, matte bezels, and even matte screens: these laptops are so not shiny, and they are about the only ones that aren’t.  Add a more or less 12 inch screen, which I think is close to the perfect size, sturdy running gear designed for student use, and Windows 7 (rather than 8) preloaded and the new version of the laptop that was the perfect choice for me when I bought Old Stinky a year and a half ago is still the perfect choice.  I’m trusting to fate that the hard disc drive won’t crap out on me, but every tech purchase involves throwing large sums of money to the winds and trusting that your new gear will work.

New Stinky is a Lenovo Thinkpad  X131e, with an AMD chip.  So far, so good.

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