tumblr tuesday: anonymous animal inspiration

lanimalanonyme“L’animal anonyme” came across my dashboard today, and of course his enormous ears, vaguely snotty expression, and long wiggly tail reminded me instantly of Josef.   Could I swipe that cool palm tree and the weird rock platform the Anonymous Animal is sitting on, and draw Josef in his place?  The challenge will be to adapt the very strange proportions of the animal’s anatomy so that Josef looks like Josef, while maintaining the look of a very old scientific engraving.  And will it be funnier if we can read Josef’s thoughts– and he is thinking in French?  I know Josef never speaks a human language out loud (that’s one of Kekionga’s basic rules), and I normally never use thought balloons for both aesthetic and philosophical reasons, but a one shot, single page cartoon is a great place to make small exceptions.  I won’t let Josef talk, but if he wants to think something snarky and badly translated into French by one of the Internet services, I’ll let him get away with it this one time.

“L’animal anonyme” image via tumblr, but it belongs to the Bibliotheque nationale de France– I’d never seen their enormous Gallica digital library before today, but it’s absolutely fascinating and well worth bookmarking for any number of return visits.

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