tumblr sunday: bats

african straw-colored fruit batsMy tumblr picture file, the Coelacanth Gallery, is full of bats–not the ugly, scary mouse kind, but the big furry ones like flying foxes and these fruit bats.  (They’re African straw-colored fruit bats, according to the notes on the photograph.)  There’s just something about their leathery wings and soft looking fur, their big eyes and pointed noses and little wiggly ears that appeal to me.  They’re cute, sure, but there’s just enough creepiness to them to give them a little edge.

It’s doesn’t hurt that people say they are quite intelligent and tame down to make very interesting pets.  One of my almost-certain-to-remain-unfulfilled life goals has always been to tame an animal and keep it as a pet: a crow, a binturong, a flying fox.  I’ve wanted to do that since I was a kid, even though as an adult I’m pretty sure that it’s a project best left for experts and people stranded on desert islands.  Still, a lot of my very favorite animals are always the ones that would make good pets if I was brave and patient enough to tame them, and I was sure it was ethical.

(image via tumblr, credit: © Ivkuzmin | Dreamstime.com)

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