the lady in the bottle

How many bottles of Sailor Jerry’s have I emptied since I went on a rum kick a few years ago?  A dozen, probably, at least.  We’re all used to the beautiful tattoo flash hula lady on the front label:sailorjerryfrontlabelcloseupBut did you know that there’s a lady in the bottle?  There is, printed on the inside of the front label and visible once the bottle is empty:ladyinthebottle2It’s a gorgeous burlesque queen, drawn, one is lead to assume, by the original Sailor Jerry (Norman Collins)  who was a tattoo artist who worked in Honolulu before, during and after World War II.  His drawings are really beautiful, combining traditional American nautical tattoo subjects with Asian style coloring and bold linework. This style of drawing has a strong connection to early newspaper comics and the first comic books, and as such it really resonates with me, and with many cartoonists who still favor actual ink on paper.ladyinthebottlecloseupShe’s probably been inside every bottle of my favorite rum, and I’ve never noticed her before.  Or is she a new innovation in packaging?

For the uninitiated, Jerry’s is a potent spiced rum with a strong vanilla note and hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and burnt sugar; it’s darned tasty by itself with a little lime juice and an ice cube, or mixed with lime and coke or lime and ginger.  Think “what Captain Morgan would be like if Captain Morgan was actually good.”  Read more about the real Sailor Jerry and see more drawings and tattoo photos (and get some cocktail recipes if you need them) on the Sailor Jerry website.sailorjerrybacklabel

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3 Responses to the lady in the bottle

  1. This is the first time I have heard of this rum. It sounds lovely!

    I Googled it…Wikipedia does not make it clear if the Lady in the Bottle has been there from the start, or only recently:

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Yes, the Sailor Jerry’s makes a tasty rum drink. I’ve tried most of the different kinds and it’s definitely my favorite. There ‘s a lady in the new bottle too, but she’s different from the burlesque queen– it’s hard to tell through the rum, but she looks like a Spanish lady with a tall comb and roses in her hair.

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