april fool’s day in kekionga

This morning early arrivals in the Archives Department in the basement of the Noakes Library were greeted by this image.  It was the new wallpaper on every PC and printouts covered every bulletin board.werewolfinatux

It’s a not-so-subtle dig at the boss, of course, and by lunchtime several “modified” versions were also circulating.  By the middle of the afternoon, following an extended and particularly meticulous  staff meeting, the archivists and student assistants found that all the wolves in evening dress had been replaced by this final version, crudely Photoshopped.  The Professor, we are informed by an reliable source, always wears a dinner jacket with a shawl collar in dead-black satin, and favors a single small red rose.

werewolfinatux-shawlcollarflowerfinal(image via tumblr. see photoreferences for my ongoing projects at the Noakes Library Archives.)

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