Yesterday’s post has raised all kinds of questions about owls. For instance, why are there no owls in Kekionga?  Well, there almost certainly are owls in Kekionga,  just like there are in the rest of the American Midwest, but why have they never turned up in a story like the pigeons, the sparrows, the crows and the hawks?  Not to mention the not-so mythical thunderbirds?

Is it because I just plain can’t draw an owl to save my life?  I can draw a regular bird well enough to pass for storytelling purposes but my owls all look like bricks with styrofoam balls on top of them, the whole covered with random feathers from the arts and crafts store.  Is it because there’s been a spooky story featuring barn owls perking along for several years, and I was putting off learning to draw a regular owl in case it interferes with getting the barn owls, with their ghostly white faces like organic radar dishes, exactly right?

Whatever the answer is, it’s sort of moot now, because there might be an owl added to the cast sometime later this year.  I’m thinking that Edison, the steampunkish young inventor who will  appear for the first time in the story called “Bottlecaps” (and who may try to establish himself as a rival to Jack for Iowa’s affections, not that he’ll get anywhere) might have an owl for a pet/friend/familiar/lab partner.  The owl is a bit of an engineer in  in his own right, and has a grumpy attitude.  He doesn’t speak, but he gets his point across.  He only interferes in Edison’s work when they’re alone– when anyone else is around the owl sticks to his perch, allowing visitors to assume that he is simply an eccentric sort of pet.

Oh, and he’s a small screech owl.  That should be amusing, with his outsized personality.ScreechOwl1(image via http://www.adirondackwildlife.org.)

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