the lady in the bottle 2

Finished up another bottle of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, so it’s time to carry on one of this blog’s official traditions: the posting of photographs of The Lady in the Bottle.  “Sailor Jerry” was the working name of Norman Collins, who was a famous tattoo artist in Honolulu before, during and after WWII.  The people who make his namesake drink (which is both delicious and highly recommended) decorate the inside of the label with a beautiful woman from their collection of Sailor Jerry’s own tattoo flash.  As you drink the rum, the Lady in the Bottle is slowly revealed.  Or quickly revealed, I suppose, if you are having either a party or a very bad week.

When I first saw this Lady through the haze of golden brown rum I assumed she was going to be a Spanish beauty with a mantilla draped on a high comb.  Boy, was I wrong.snakecharmer2She’s a sexy snake charmer with a cobra companion.  Here’s a closeup of her face and that of her snake, who has a pretty dramatic expression.snakecharmer1 These photographs were much harder to shoot than the first set, due to unfortunate placement of the labels relative to the seam in this particular bottle.  Readers who have insight into how best to shoot the inside labels of empty liquor bottles with a point and shoot digicam are invited to share any tips they might have.  Or is that too esoteric a photographic topic?

If you are over 21, or of drinking age wherever you are, you may want to contemplate that question, and the Ladies in the Bottle, while sipping a Sailor Jerry’s with lime and coke.

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2 Responses to the lady in the bottle 2

  1. Rick Santman says:

    I keep thinking that I should try a Tom and Jerry mixed with Sailor Jerry.
    I also keep thinking about Jerry Mouse dancing with Gene Kelly in Anchors Away.

    I seem to think about a lot of stuff….

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Tom and Jerry. Looked up the recipe, and frankly, it doesn’t sound great to me. I like eggs, but not in drinks. That said, I’ve yet to find a rum drink that isn’t an out and out tropical that isn’t improved by substituting Sailor Jerry for the regular stuff. (Tropicals take most of their flavor from fruit or fruit juices and sometimes almond syrup, and you can argue that the extra flavors in spiced rum just confuse the issue.)

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