tools for comics covers

The most striking element in the front cover design for Junkyard Moon is, of course, the junkyard moon.  The front cover pencils were held up for a while because the circle I needed on the 10 inch square was too big for any of my circle templates and exactly wrong for any of the saucers, small bowls, wine glasses and coffee mugs around the place.  Even my Birky’s refillable root beer mug isn’t quite the right size.  I had nothing to trace; I can’t freehand a circle, and I was sure, absolutely sure, that my compass was accidentally  packed into one of the boxes that went to the storage unit when we started the house project.compass2I’ve never been happier to be wrong.  I hunted for it one last time, and found it in exactly the wrong place.  So now the moon both round and exactly the right size.  Also shown in the photo is a copy of the original cover sketch divided up into sixteen squares so I can make a loose copy that will have the same rough proportions while still looking, I sincerely hope, like a fresh drawing.  I’m extremely aware that by the time the cover art is finished I will have drawn the image of Iowa, Josef, the Professor and the chair three times with the exact same poses, and I don’t want it the final version to go stiff and stale.

This picture was taken early yesterday, and the pencils are now almost finished, thanks to my trusty green compass. I’ll post an image of those finished pencils before I start to ink.

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