“you will not go extinct”

A very useful piece of work was accomplished in the course of the long wrangle over the title and cover design for the book that is now Junkyard Moon.  I generated a long list of potential titles for future projects, titles that, while not right for volume one of the collected Kekionga, might be absolutely perfect for something else.

One of those titles has already landed, on a comic that is scheduled to appear at this year’s SPX.  “You Will Not Go Extinct” will be a digest sized collection of the Lost Stories of Kekionga.  Some of these stories have appeared in short run anthologies, while others have never been seen before.  I honestly don’t know what material is going to be included.  I intend to spend part of the day tomorrow digging through all the places that I store originals that are too large to fit in my filing cabinet, and I’ll be making a list of all the potential treasures I find there.  The only thing that’s fixed for this project is the title, and a vague idea of a wrap- around cover design featuring a coelacanth and a fortune cookie drawn in the style of tattoo flash.

None of this is to say I’m abandoning the idea of having Junkyard Moon ready for the show.  Work is progressing (most of it the very boring kind of work that doesn’t make for good blog posts), but between the work on the house and a variety of technical setbacks there have been more delays than even the most pessimistic planners could anticipate.  But the Moon will rise eventually, I promise you!

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