junkyard moon cover progress

This week I went to the fair, went to the movies, and took care of essential business.   I ran the scanner and I fiddled with the scans, which is tedious, finicky and nerve wracking.  The blog went to the fair (and will go there again next week when I’ve finished with the photos) and to the movies, but if I wrote about scanning my readers would all desert me.

Luckily, I also finished the inks for the covers.  Or I thought I had, until I decided at the last minute that what the back cover needed was the Small Feather Bat sitting on top of the mammoth’s back.

You don’t know how brave I am to post fairly high definition photographs of work at this stage.  These originals are a righteous mess, with corrections still waiting to be made.  Those roses, especially, should have been restarted and pasted in since they are more correction than drawing.  But I am confident they will be all right on the night.

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