spotted: a raptor

And, no, not the feathery kind, although now that you mention it I did see a great big redtail hawk today too.  That probably would have been a better topic.  But the only spot that made it into the notebook was the one below.  Please note that these are not my own images, and also that I am not apologizing.  I’m not sure photographing this particular vehicle would be good to my lens.

Observed: the Ford SVT Raptor:raptor`1This is a factory hot rod version of the mundane (and pretty huge in its own right) Ford F-150 pickup truck.  For our readers outside the United States, this vehicle (minus some of the extra horsepower and the bonus glowering bad attitude of this special model) is usually the best selling vehicle in the country.  That says a lot about us, good and bad.  This particular version leans toward the bad side.  The one I saw was not improved by a matte black paint jobraptor2which made it look like one enormous tire.

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