“minicomics live” is coming!

It’s that time again. Time, that is, to try to make a whole minicomic, from story idea to finished pages, live, right here on the blog. The goal is to complete the comic in two (very long) working days. I’ll post it as it happens, every step of the way– notes, script, references, sketches, pencils and inks. If you’ve ever wondered just how a comics story comes to be, here’s your chance to find out!

Minicomics live is scheduled to start at 9 am Central Time on Tuesday August 20th. That’s one week from today– mark your calendar, tag your schedule, or set a reminder. Come on over and follow along, whether you’re cheering me on to the finish line or waiting to see me crash and burn. Both have happened, and both, I’ve been told, are entertaining. And every round has resulted in a finished comic.

But don’t just sit back and wait a week– you can help! Here’s how.

First, spread the word. If you know anyone who might be interested in minicomics live, please let them know. If you’re inclined, mention it on forums or link it up on social media. “a cartoonist in Kekionga” is always to be found at kekiongacomics.com.

Even more important, you can help with the comic itself. The challenge is to start fresh, without even an idea. So to keep me from thinking up a story beforehand, I’m counting on you to send me “story seeds”. It’s easy and fun. A story seed is a short list, consisting of an object, a setting, and a character: something like “a wineglass, a parking lot, a talking dog”. Just send your story seeds to kekiongacomics@yahoo.com, and be sure to put “story seed” in the subject line so I don’t look at it ahead of time.

Then, bright and early next Tuesday morning, I’ll open up the emails and pick one or more objects, settings and characters, and use them to build a brand new story. The more seeds you send, the better the chance one of your ideas will be part of the minicomics live experience.

Minicomics live. Next Tuesday. Be there.

(edited to correct a really rather enormous error– thank you very much to Sean K. for pointing it out before it embarrassed me any further.  Note to self– look at a calendar next time I write anything with a real world date in it.)

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2 Responses to “minicomics live” is coming!

  1. Sean K. says:

    Next Tuesday is the 20th, so I just want to check – is that the day you’ll be comicking live, rather than Sunday the 18th?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Argh. Thank you for pointing this out, Sean. You are a gallant and devoted friend of the blog. I do, of course, mean Tuesday the 20th. Next Tuesday. I should learn to use a calendar!

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