minicomics live is coming!

Remember, the next round of minicomics live starts next Tuesday, August 20th, at about 9 AM.  At that time (more or less), I will open your story seed emails and select the elements that will become the newest Kekionga minicomic.  Over the next two days (I hope), I will write a script, design characters, and lay out and draw the 8 pages of a brand new story– and I’ll be blogging every step of it live.  So come and visit, offer encouragement, or just wait to see if I crash and burn in an entertaining way.  Either way, a new comic will emerge, and you can see it happen in real time.

Whining! Research! White Out! Scribbling on yellow legal pads! Minicomics live!  It’s real cartooning in real time.

So spread the word if you like, and please send me those story seeds! (That’s an object, a person, and a place, in an email, with “story seed” in the subject line.  The address is   Minicomics live. Next Tuesday.

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