minicomics live 5– post 23 (new page 12 pencils)

garagesale-page12-new-pencilsThe new pencils for the “flipped” page 12.  Being honest here– I left the squares I used to help me reproduce the art, since I liked the large drawing of the moose so much in the digitally flipped version of the original art.  This version is still not as good as the first drawing– no redrawing ever is.  That first freshness isn’t something you can ever recapture.  But it’s solid enough to ink, and I like the new drawing of Gideon in the upper right better than the one in either version of the original.  Thanks to everyone who offered advice on the major existential question of what to do about page 12.

I’ve already started inking the other pages, and should have all the lettering done fairly soon.  The next few updates will be photographs of the work in progress, since I ink using a platoon system and no one page will be done enough to scan for a while.  More on why in one of the later posts.

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