minicomics live 5– will return tuesday!

Since this is a point in my usual process when I like to leave a comic sitting in a pile for a day or two–its wise to let things rest after you think you’re done with the pencils, in case, when you go back, you find they aren’t finished at all– I think I’m going to take a brief break from Garage Sale.  I need to work on some other stuff for SPX, primarily a final plan for my Great Big Digest From the Archives, plus a title and cover design for same.  I’ll also sort the minicomics in the con boxes and decide what needs to be reprinted,  take up some neglected domestic responsibilities in the rest of the house, and (I hope) get the overhead light fixed here in the studio.

So look for minicomics live to return on Tuesday the 27th. If you’re just joining us, this will give you a chance to catch up, and make suggestions for changes before things get set in ink.  Thanks for following along so far, and for all your comments.

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