minicomics live 5– post 26 (page 3 inks)

garagesale-page3-inksPage 3 rough inks.  This is a real time project, so I will be showing the pages as they are finished.  I started putting ink in page 4  and started several other pages in no particular order– I found inking out of order makes it easier to see each page as an individual design.  There really isn’t any need for me to think of the story as a story at this point: I do fairly tight pencils so all the major narrative decisions have been made.  The only goals left are to ink cleanly with a minimum number of mistakes, and to solve problems correctly to both create a pleasing pattern of light and a dark across the page and describe my subjects clearly so the reader sees exactly what is going on.  Oh, and not to mess my continuity by making a character blonde on one page and dark in another. And to make sure that if Iowa has the Professor’s leash around her neck in panel one, she still has it around her neck in every panel where she appears until she puts it down again.

The book stall set may look like an excuse to draw books, which are my favorite way to fill non-essential space in a comics panel.  Yes, that’s what it looks like.

checklist: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 12

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