minicomics live 5– post 27 (page 5 inks)

garagesale-page5-inksI like this page, but mistakes and flubs abound.  Can you find all of them?

  • wrong line inked in speech balloon in first panel.
  • blot in the word “moose” that I dipped my hand in and smeared onto Iowa’s hair.
  • Suki is missing her camera strap in the same panel.
  • Iowa is missing her neck in the bottom tier. I inked in black over the pages of the book to show where it belongs– I will either have to fix this panel or draw her a black turtleneck in the rest of the comic.
  • small mismark on the man’s face in the same panel– I will use the opportunity to get rid of the lines over his eyes and make them small and beady.
  • ????

Oh well– there’s nothing wrong here that can’t be fixed.


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