minicomics live 5–post 28 (page 1 inks)

This post is an experiment.   I am away from my desk,  but instead of the ever reliable Stinky the Think Pad, I have my crazy little tablet with the crazy little Android keyboard that is spooky good at guessing what I want to type,  and the Android version of the WordPress mobile app, which I don’t fully understand.   But I am determined to show you one more page before bedtime.  We’ll all sleep better for having seen this drawing of a wolf and a moose lawn ornament.  Or will we? ?… Image

Page one is usually the cover of a minicomic, and that’s the case here.  The composition may look a little off, but that is at least in part because of the unfinished title block.  The sign in the upper left will have “Garage Sale” typeset in white on a black ground, in imitation of the pre printed signs you can buy to advertise your garage sale.  It’s quite possible that once that block is finished I may have to add or subtract blacks or tweak the details to bring everything into balance.   This is very much a work in progress.

At the very least,  if you are seeing this at all, you’ll know I figured out how to pry an image out of an email and post it to the blog from the tablet.

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