minicomics live 5– post 30 (page 2 pencils)

garagesale-page2-inksThis page looks rough, but I think (hope!) this will finish nicely.  The big mistakes that you see here– the errors on Suki’s face in the closeup, the huge lettering gaffes– are actually among the easiest things to fix.  A face in closeup leaves lots of space for the delicate touches of whiteout and marker that you need to use to fix it, and lettering can be replaced by brute force.  I will letter the offending words a half dozen times each with the appropriate pen on a piece of scrap Bristol, cut out the best ones, and paste them in the right places.  This is much, much easier and faster than trying to correct these errors on the surface the way I correct art problems, and it yields much better results. Any nasty little telltale paste-up lines will be magicked away in post production.

This is probably the place where I point out that I love the Professor with all my heart and I love drawing him in his wolf form more than just about anything.  And Iowa really enjoys the little bits of one-upmanship she can get away with when he can’t talk back.  It’s the only time she ever gets the last word.

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