minicomics live 5 –post 31 (what’s going on)

What’s going on with Garage Sale, you may ask.  You may well ask, o friends and colleagues and internet persons.  Short answer: I am working on it, and pages are coming soon.  Slightly longer answer:  I have been having this problem with the page count.  I know there are 12 pages in this project, but for the last few days I have never been able to find more than 11 of them at any one time, and sometimes not even that.  Are they under a pile of photo references?  Are they upside down, and therefore invisible?  Are they hiding in the scanner?  Have they fallen into a black hole?  This is crazy.  I am only working on one project on the drawing board right now.  One. That’s it. 12 pages.  Count them.  Get 9, 10, 11, 10.

Page 8 was upside down, underneath a pile of blank pages I had ready in case the original idea ran long.  Page 8 was upside down, underneath a pile of blank pages, with no ink on it whatsoever.  It must have been there for almost a week. Maybe I should have noticed?  Is my story so badly written that I can lose one 10th of its content and not miss it?  Or does the platooning method of inking, which deliberately takes the pages out of order to deprive them of confusing context, make this kind of supremely dopey mistake even more likely than otherwise?

As always, there are more questions than answers.  But the big one is, does page 8 have ink on it now.  You bet it does and lots of it!   More to come.

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