minicomics live 5– post 32 (page 11 inks)

I’ve been inking all day! I’ve been working very hard!  But I haven’t been able to post anything! Because of thunderstorms!

But now the current line of storms are passing over and you are going to get a lot of weirdly inked pages more or less all at once in the lull before the next line.  So here’s page 11, distinguished mostly by an error that is really grinding me, and also be being less finished than I want it to be:garagesale-page11-inksThe error is in Gideon’s eyes in the first panel– I should know better than to double up on an ink line in an effort to “fix” it .  That’s a rookie move.  So the upper lines in his eyes are  about twice as thick as they should be, and it looks like he is wearing heavy eyeliner.  Not that the Professor doesn’t occasionally wear eyeliner, but only in the evening, and even then  he’s a lot more subtle about it.  Luckily, this is an easy fix.  An absolutely accurate dab or two of whiteout will restore the proper snark to the wolfy face.  For a cue as to what he normally looks like, see the panel directly below, which is quite a good likeness of everyone’s favorite werewolf librarian.

The thing that isn’t finished is Gideon’s dressing gown.  It is going to have a pattern in it that will go to some kind of mid grey, but there are some things I need to change about the way the dressing gown is inked, so I am waiting to do the finishes until I get those changes made and get a grip on the pattern of light and dark over the surface of the page, which you never really grasp until the pencils are out.

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