minicomics live 5–post 35 (page 7 inks)

garagesale-page7-inksPage 7 has a lot of good in it (lettering and wolves), one horrible mistake (Iowa’s mouth in the last panel), and a general greyness of composition that is just crying for a spotted black.  There are only two obvious places to put it– the covers of the books and somewhere in a hypothetical background in the last panel.  This is a poser.

I suppose this is a good a place as any to speculate about what shading, if any, I should apply to Iowa’s costume.  She’s wearing her usual T-shirt, V neck pullover, jeans and slip on shoes combo, in her usual plain colors.  I’ve (obviously) left it unshaded for now, but I’ve been mulling over how, if anything, I want to shade it.  I’m toying with a fairly fine hatch in the pullover and nothing else.  I have do something, or it will seem like Iowa is going to garage sales dressed all in white, which is hardly suited to her practical and sensible personality.

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