minicomics live 5– post 37 (page 8 inks)

garagesale-page8-inksThe missing page appears, and it inked up pretty well.  I decided against any shading on the body of the car, but put a little linework in the windows for definition.  I kind of like the suggestions of dents and rust with a few lines in the fender, and of course the classic doom and destruction around the side marker light.  If the lower panel ends up a little bare, I can always do something interesting with one visible wheel.

Otherwise the Professor has both the high points and the low, here.  I got him completely wrong on the hood of the car– that bit is going to have to be completely redrawn and pasted in. But in the second panel, just above, is a fine example of his “idiot boy” face.  Every dog has one, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t apply to wolves, too.  He knows he can get away with just about anything.

And yes, oops, I forgot to shade the chevrons on Suki’s camera strap.  Two pages left for tomorrow!

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