apples and oranges are coming soon

Coming soon to and my table at SPX, Apples and Oranges, a 40 page collection of rarities from the Kekionga Archives. Apples and Oranges will feature three long-out-of print full length kid gang adventures with “Those Kids!” (one a crossover with “The Logbooks of the Travelling Travelall”) plus 10 pages of Radiation Man cartoons that have never been published before (actually, they have– my records and memory were both wrong!)and a brand new Radiation Man/Those Kids! one pager.  This crazy-looking pile of papers is the cover art for this little book, or rather the components which, tomorrow, will be transformed into that cover. Watch this space!


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5 Responses to apples and oranges are coming soon

  1. seakingdom says:

    Radiation Man…
    Is in a fruit crate. 😀

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    That he is. If you look carefully at the photo, he is also drawn in crayon– by someone in their 50s. (I have a reason for doing this, as everyone will see tomorrow.)

  3. Tom Cherry says:

    Oh boy! I’m really looking forward to this! I love your “Those Kids!” characters and I miss seeing them around. I hope they’re all doing okay especially Mr. Spit!

  4. Pam Bliss says:

    You get a free copy, actually, for being the first person to comment on this blog way back in April, 2012. (Send an email with your street address to the usual place.)

    The Kids continue to appear around Kekionga on an irregular basis. I have several “Dream of” minicomics in the planning stages which involved some of Those Kids! characters. And there is a large page story already in progress starring Iowa and Mr. Spit– it’s called “Pocket Sized Behemoth” and it will feature the amazing inking talents of Michael Neno.

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