packing for table C12A

Absolutely nothing of great interest today: I’m packing for SPX.  I’m bringing mostly comics and gadgets of various kinds, also some money and a change of clothes.  I plan to bring home the clothes and the gadgets, rather less of the money, and a completely different set of comics, plus possibly one or two new belongings that I acquire along the way.

More on this story as it develops.  I will be carrying the iPod camera among the gadgets, and my blogging goal is to post one interesting photo every day,  assuming decent wifi can be found.  Anything else you see here will be a bonus and a surprise to everyone, including me.  Regular posting will resume on Monday or Tuesday, depending on how long it takes me to recover.  Fans of the drawing of the day, take note: I know we are several weeks behind, so you’ll get a drawing of the day twice a week for a while until we are all caught up.

If you’re going to be at SPX,  I hope you will look me up.  I’ll be headquartered at table C12A– just look for Sparky the Dog, and all the old school minicomics.  Paper comics are not extinct!

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3 Responses to packing for table C12A

  1. Rick Santman says:


    No linky to the SPX website? Tch, tch

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Linky added. Thanks.

  3. Wolfie says:

    Eagerly awaiting updates from SPX!

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