welcome, new visitors

Assuming nothing drastic has happened, SPX should be in full swing by now. If you’re visiting for the first time following the link on the show website or the URL on one of my comics or my business card, welcome.  I’m Pam Bliss, a cartoonist in Kekionga, and this is my website, kekiongacomics.com.  It’s a crazy little place, and still very much a work in progress, but I think (hope!) you will have fun here anyway.

I post something every day, and if things are working well in the wifi department, the posts surrounding this one will be sent from SPX in more or less real time.  The rest of it is a little bit of everything: my drawings and photography, comments on history, culture, technology, and everyday life,  stuff about my dogs, movie and TV reviews, recipes, weird and cool stuff I find on the internet, and (always) posts dedicated to enjoying art and images and making comics.  If you are looking for something specific, go to the full site, where a tag cloud is available to assist you in the right hand sidebar.  Otherwise, you are cordially invited to browse away, or use the search function.

If you like this blog, please add it to your feeds or follow on WordPress! The Best of the Drawing of the Day returns Thursday.  Honest comics since 1989.  Six turning, four burning.  A small press is a free press.  Corgis got white paws.


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