tumblr sunday- arctic animals and android updates

What, pray tell, do Android updates have to do with Arctic animals? Not much, I would have thought,  until I trustingly let my normally unflappably reliable Samsung Galaxy Note 8 update its software– and found the new version does not include the live wallpaper of the Northern Lights over a tundra treeline.  I’ve used this wallpaper on my home screen since I got my tablet, and it’s a nifty and attractive little visual.

I am tremendously hosed at Google and the entire Samsung corporation, for making this “essential” update and for cancelling my wallpaper respectively, and I am going to do my best to get my Northen Lights back. But until then I need some kind of wallpaper,  don’t I? Talk about your First World problems, I know, but these things are annoying.  And all of Samsung’s other canned wallpapers are *so* ugly.

After cycling through all of them, I finally latched onto the option that allows you to use an image from your gallery as a wallpaper. On any other computer of mine this would be a treasure trove, but I use my tablet mostly for working on the internet, and I don’t have a lot of images saved on it yet. Luckily, one of the few I did have was this splendid engraving I’d copied from my tumblr.tumblr_me5kqavBSJ1qa3d0ro1_500 So now every time I turn on my tablet, I’ll see my icons laid out on top of the Animals of the Arctic. My browser,  my email account, and the link to this blog are along the top by the right whale, while my semi-transparent date and time panel is at the lower left between the duck and the ptarmigan. My productivity apps are on the polar bear, my gallery and Dropbox are over by the seagull, and my security software is on the bunny.  “My security software is on the bunny. ”  There’s one of those famous English sentences that have never been written before.

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