iowa’s halloween costume, part 1

This is the year, for whatever reason, when Iowa Ginsberg went through her closet and decided the top hat and fishnets weren’t going to cut it.  Every year she wore the same thing and was either Zatanna or a classic “lady magician”, depending on her mood.  It was reliable, she looked cute in it, and it always went great with whatever Jack was wearing. (Jack, of course, was always Foursquare in some incarnation or another, and it was fun to hang around with him when he was in costume without having to pretend she didn’t know who he was.)

But this year, for whatever reason, she was bored.  First she put on her green V-neck and a silver and dark green tie she borrowed from the Professor and tried out a Slytherin Hermione thing.  (Iowa’s version of Hermione was definitely a Slytherin.)  But … not great.  When she went back to the Professor’s office to return the tie, he wasn’t there, but his black duster was, hanging from the hook behind the door.  Normally he’d moved on to his cashmere overcoat by the week of Halloween, but it’d been warm this fall.

Daringly (because she knew how seriously the Professor took his coats) she tried it on.  Too long, obviously, but not as big in the shoulders as one might think, the Professor being a narrow kind of guy.  It looked cute and rather serious at the same time.  Was she brave enough to borrow it,  maybe find a pair of men’s khakis and some fancy brogues at the thrift store, get a dog collar … and tell everybody she was a werewolf?  How long would she last before he discovered what she’d done?  Could he really kill you with a combination of sarcasm and The Eyebrow?

She didn’t want to find out.  Still, the coat was quite awesome.  On her it was almost floor length, and the capes and the sleeves made it look like a combination of wings and a cape.  If a cheap Robin Hood cap, a pair of fake wings from the craft store, and a bottle of black dye worked the way she thought they would work, she could set herself up with a very interesting costume based on the stories of Saint Raven she’d heard in the City.  Talk about hiding in plain sight.  She would look cool and mysterious, and anybody who guessed who she was supposed to be could go right on her personal Very Interesting list.

Borrow the coat, she decided, but lose the tie.IowaasRaven

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