drawing of the day bonus– whywolf

Ever since I saw the gif I posted yesterday (which was some time last week; I just held onto the idea for Tumblr Sunday)  I have been drawing various versions of the “whywolf” in my drawing of the day sketchbook.  This one is my favorite so far, though I reserve the right to show you another one later.whywolf2-greyscaleI had to save this one as a greyscale file to preserve the quality of the marker work.  Here it is in the typical anti aliased 1 bit black and white.whywolf1 b+wTake your pick, I guess– though my money is always on the version with the good solid blacks in it.  Regardless, here you get a rare version of Gideon at about 20% wolf, indulging his inner “why” by consulting a serious tome in the courtyard of the library.  The dragonfly is there to explain the odd way he is holding his ears: the imaginary photographer behind most of my drawings has captured him in the act of twitching away a rather large insect.  Also, his eyes are slightly to close together: a sign, perhaps, of the beginnings of a snout protrusion.

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