if you can read this

You’re better off than I am.  But the Internet is working its magic.  Like the mills of the Lord, it grinds slowly, but it does the job.   I still can’t get into my own blog from any of my own computers, but a Certain Person who Knows a Great Deal About These Things has managed to find me an “Add New Post” form somewhere out in the howling wilderness.  So I am writing this on some kind of mysterious home brewed device in a Certain Person’s lair, with a horrible keyboard and a mouse that’s in a different county from the horrible keyboard and a monitor that is in exactly the wrong place for me to see it with either pair of glasses.

But I am glad to be here.  Please be patient while we deal with today’s really very bad technical difficulties.  These involved domain names and domain name servers and other highly complex things that apparently take a long time to realize it when problems have been solved.  News that kekiongacomics.com is back is slowly percolating through the Internet ether, and it is my very sincere hope that by tomorrow things will be back to normal.

Many thanks to a Certain Person for taking at least an hour and a half out of his  busy day to fix my badly busted blog!

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4 Responses to if you can read this

  1. Rick Santman says:

    By now I’m certain that you’ve given Certain Person a hug and a big ol’ smooch, and probably cooked Certain a delicious dinner.

    Give Certain Person our best.

  2. Wolfie says:

    I’m guessing that Certain Person went out to dinner with Unnamed Source and Face In The Crowd and had a wonderful time on Main Street USA.

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    Something like that.

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