tumblr sunday– martial arts

Found this panel floating around on Tumblr: hero fu I leave it to the comics experts out there to identify the book and artists involved (it has a Will Eisner feel about it to me, but I’m hardly the person to ask) but it’s got a great feel, a lot of implied action, and an excellent facial expression.

And of course it reminds me of Bud and Jack.  Bud is very aware of his place in the story as an Old Asian Guy and spends a lot of his time insisting he is not anybody’s Wise Teacher with an Exotic Background. But when an Innocent Young Man develops Superhuman Powers in your junkyard, well, some archetypes are too strong to resist.  The guy in green in this panel no doubt has his eyes closed in concentration, but in my imaginary version, Bud  is half asleep.  Jack should know by now there’s no way he’s going to sneak up on the old guy, even if he isn’t an official wise teacher.

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