pam bliss minicomics on the web– my “read a story” site is up

I have been working on this secret project on and off for weeks, and now it’s ready to be smacked with champagne (or a coconut) and sent down the slipway to splash into the water.  Read my SPACE prize nominated minicomic Perpetual Motion at, or just click here.   The link is in the header, too, under READ A STORY!

Like the ship that’s just been christened, the story site is afloat but hardly ready to set sail– it’s definitely in beta and very much a work in progress.  Any or all suggestions are welcome.  What should its title be?  What kind of header image should I make for it? Do you like the size of the comics pages?  How does it look on your screen?

Please note that the story site is simply an archive of samples of my finished work in a format that’s easy to read, and I will not be posting there regularly.  This blog will still be the place to come for your daily dose of whatever it is.  When I put a new story up on the story site, I will post news of it here.  I have no idea what the future holds for my little internet empire, but it has put out another new little branch today.  Hope you enjoy.

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