you are invited to “read a story”– now with better images and other improvements too numerous to mention, although i am certainly going to try

Blogging business here– I’ve made some significant revisions to “READ A STORY”, aka .  This is the webcomics site where you can read entire cartoon stories from Kekionga in an easy to manage, fun to read format.  It’s all Kekionga, all stories, all the time, and it’s now much improved:

There’s a new color scheme which is not only more pleasant to the eye, but also easier to read.  No more silly orange titles.

Navigation is now much easier.  There are three easy ways to find a story to read:

  • First, you can use the arrows underneath the images to page forward and backwards.  Click on the “first” arrow to start at the very beginning and read all the stories in the order they were posted.
  • Use the tag cloud.  Click on a title tag (titles are “in quotation marks”) to see all the pages in the story arranged vertically.  Scroll to the bottom and read them in reverse order.
  • Use the “Stories and how to find them” button in the sidebar below the images.  I am writing an announcement and introduction post for each story, and you can find them by clicking on “Stories, etc.” button. The announcements will appear in order with the most recent first.  Each announcement has a link to the first page of the story– just click and start reading. Move from page to page using the arrows.

Images are now big and crisp and displayed at a full 200 dpi.  That’s more than everyone told me was necessary for the web, but who am I to do what everyone tells me?  This is the resolution I’ve been using all the time on this blog, and you will be able to see the full sized version by clicking on it just as you do now.

Thank you for being patient this week as I’ve been rolling out this site.  If you visited before and were annoyed by some of the early problems (as I was!), please come back and see if you like the latest version better.  If you were waiting to visit until I got everything at least a little bit under control, it’s safe to come in now.   I think.  You can never tell with stories.

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