mushawasing: a new story on “read a comic”

Go down to The Woods at night.  Down by the creek, without even a flashlight, you may see something … mysterious.  And maybe it will change your whole life.

Even if it doesn’t, it makes a rather sweet but slightly creepy little cartoon story.  I call it Mushawasing.  Read it here, on my webcomics site, and find out where Moose found her real name.

(Eagle eyed readers may notice that I have changed the tagline/informal name of the webcomics site to Read a Comic!  Don’t worry, it’s still the same site, good old, and I think this will be the final name change.  Visitors to pamblisscomics etc.  will note that I have started tagging the stories by character, so you will be able to read more about your favorite Kekiongans more easily. All of this online archive maintenance stuff is new to me, and if I’m doing anything wrong or the site is unnecessarily clumsy or whopperjawed, I would certainly like to know about it.

And, hey, Kekiongans.  I never knew what the demonym was before.  Yes, the collective term for the residents of a locality, usually but not always based on the place name, is called a demonym.  “Kekiongan” might be considered a regular demonym for the residents of Kekionga, but they also share an irregular one.  As residents of Indiana, they are known as Hoosiers.)

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