best of the drawing of the day, week 95– costume to match

drawingoftheday-week95-costumetomatchOne of the major problems faced by any superhero is the whole issue of costume design.  You may have nifty powers, you may have a great name, but without the right costume, you may end up compromised, a laughingstock, or even dead.  Even when your costume is practical in every way, if it lacks a hook, some bit of flair that makes you stand out from all the other supers in your neighborhood, you are hardly likely to have a successful career.  You need an idea.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with designing a costume to match the distinctive “look” of a striking sidekick or familiar.  This young superheroine went with a practical, modern version of the classic “guy’s tights and boots with a little skirt” outfit beloved of traditional girl heroes, adding goggles to mimic the large, round, glowing eyes of her colleague.  Of course, it’s entirely possible that she’s the sidekick and the bat is the one designing the costume.

(While I was finishing this drawing, I put off doing something or another on the grounds that I needed to finish inking the bat.  “This bat,” I said, is not going to ink itself.”  My husband replied that maybe what the world needs is a self inking bat.  You know, flight, echolocation, hanging upside down, and self inking.  So maybe this is a drawing of the famous, yet mysterious, hero The Self-Inking Bat and his sidekick/Girl Friday, who does his legwork and generally represents him in human society.)

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