snow boots– the resolution

IMGP3804For those who have read (and, I hope, enjoyed) my snow boot rant from last week, here is the resolution– a pair of Keen Brixen clearance sale midweight hunting boots in a dashing Mossy Oak Breakup camouflage pattern.  As you see, they’ve already seen some use since I got them on Wednesday–witness the lace marks on their upper tongues and even some honorable scuffs on their insteps from the metal edge of the snow shovel.   They walk and work well, but I haven’t tried driving in them.  Their steel shanks make them stiff, and it’s been a very bad winter.

That means salt shortages, and salt shortages mean only the main roads are being salted.  Neighborhood side streets are packed with layers of old snow and surprisingly slick, and I need every bit of foot sensitivity I’ve got to guide the Buick safely.  I got a little closer than I liked yesterday to the rear end of a green Jeep someone had parked a little too far from the waist high snow heap at the side of the road– we don’t have curbs any more– and I was very glad I was wearing walking-shoes-and-wool-socks rather than the Big Camo Keens.  There will be time enough to practice winter boot driving when the streets are clear.  Perhaps in April.

(And yes, I took about 25 different exposures of the boot tableau, and got 5 decent ones.  The base is an old flannel shirt in a brown and tan shadow plaid, the backdrop my faithful eleven dollar Chinese knock off of a brown Carhartt winter jacket.  The light comes from the kitchen window.)

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