best of the drawing of the day, week 97– science!

Cartoon scientists are regular visitors to my sketchbooks.  (Why?  Your guess is as good as mine, but you can read some speculations here.)  A while back, I noticed some of them recurring, and I started making some notes on a crazy Science! setting for possible stories.  Whether they will be comics or prose, or whether they will ever exist at all outside the sketchbook is another unknown at this point, but there has to be a drawing of the day every day regardless, and recurring characters make everything more fun.drawingoftheday-week97-science!So here is everybody’s favorite professional supporting character, Vaguely Eastern European Scientist Antonin Zurogovoi. ( If last his name is too much for you, he answers to Z, Zebra or Zed, plus any variation of his first name except Tony).  His character design is pretty much fixed by this time, and you have seen him any number of times before.  He is accompanied by one of the many unsettled character designs for his familiar, Pigeon, and by equally uncertain versions of Zonn, the Thinking Man’s Igor, of Zonn’s familiar, Major, and of Dashing Security Officer Chance Donnelly in his wolf form.  Zonn insists on calling Chance’s wolf “Padfoot”, which drives Chance sort of nuts.

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