minicomic weekend 1– words and a story idea

OK. Here we go. First of all, thank you for all the wonderful words. My own word, which I learned yesterday, is ponding. That’s what happens when a lot of snow melts quickly, before the ground underneath it thaws, leaving areas of deep, brown water that go far beyond ordinary puddles. The relevance to current events is obvious.

And then when I woke up this morning, the yard was full of birds, squabbling among themselves and flapping around in the water. It’s been a long winter for them, too. Maybe I will make a story with ordinary birds in it. Maybe it will end up being a Little Maudie story. (Little Maudie being a sketchbook character—a girl who can talk to animals and a character in a series of storybooks popular with kids in certain parts of the Knotted Rope. I’ve always wanted to put Little Maudie in a comic.)

So that was what was on my mind when I looked at the words you sent for the first time. Portmanteau, serendipity, libation, song, shadow, conscientiousness. Maybe tower. Maybe pandemonium. Definitely ponding. Those are the words I will work into my story. Some of them will appear in the text, some of them will be deep in the background as plot ideas or fragments of characterization or the inspiration behind images.

Then I decided that Little Maudie, as a new character, can’t carry a whole minicomic by herself. So I am going to include a frame story with Iowa and the Professor, who both love the Little Maudie books. (Since they come from other dimensions, the books can only be easily found in the Closed Stacks at the Noakes.) It’s it’s easy to see why Iowa would like them, and since I always knew that Little Maudie has an animal companion, it was an easy step to deepen Gideon’s interest by making thay companion a wolf, Shadow The Small Bad Wolf– the impulsive counterpart to the conscientious Little Maudie. (There’s two words from the list right there.) The Professor definitely identifies pretty strongly with Shadow, and Iowa is more like Little Maudie than she might want to admit.

As the story stands right now, Iowa is going to read a fragment of a Little Maudie book to the Professor, and that is just going to suggest a solution to a problem they are having. That will be the serendipity. Now all I have to do is figure out exactly how it is all going to work. More to come. I hope to have a story outline later tonight, but this is complicated enough that I may have to sleep on it.

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