portraits of edison

Minicomics out of nowhere!  I wrote maybe 70-75% of a super short today, with no help, prompts, random words out the the dictionary or anything.  This is a rarity.  Not that I haven’t been writing minicomics scripts unassisted all along, but for the last few years all of my stories of this kind have gone long and ended up in the 16-20-32 page range.  This one will be either an 8 pager or possibly a 12 pager with a data page or two.  While it’s not finished, it is definitely a story– I have all the vital components including a cover image and an ending with a double kicker.  Today was the bomb, except for going to the dentist and problems with my tablet.  But hey, a walk and a new story.  Hash for supper.  Interesting packages in UPS. That’s the bomb.

Anyway, the new comic is 99% likely to be called Nineteenth Century Errands, and it stars Jack and Edison.  While I have several Edison stories in various stages of completion, this will almost certainly be the first appearance of Kekionga’s Radio (Something)*  in an actual comic.  So of course I am gathering all my sketchbook references in preparation for drawing him in continuity for the first time.  This drawing is the definitive Edison, from my notebook:

The first is the full color scanned image– ballpoint on cream colored Moleskine paper, with serious bleed through from a black marker drawing on the other side of the page (oops).  The second is the same image treated as I usually treat the sketchbook drawings you see here– saved as a 1 bit file and then greyscaled to antialias.  Well, that doesn’t work.  The dark grey ballpoint pen lines on the cream paper aren’t contrasty enough.  The third is a cleaned up version of the full color image–  reduced to 16 bit color and then doctored a bit with the color replacer using colors pulled out of the image.

*Edison is Kekionga’s Radio Something.  Our Radio Hero doesn’t work– Jack is Our Hero.  I need a word with a nice pulpy feel– a man of mystery/boy inventor kind of word.  Ideas are welcome.

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5 Responses to portraits of edison

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Edison is your Radio Heterodynist.

  2. seakingdom says:

    Kekionga’s Radio Wizard?
    (although that might be a bit close to that other Edison fellow)

    Kekionga’s Radio Prodigy?

    Kekionga’s Intrepid Radio Smith?

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Ooh … Radio Wizard– like Wizard of Menlo Park. Far from being too close, I think that might be a taken (by Edison himself) as a tribute to the original Edison. “Wizard” is currently at the top of the list, though I can keep my options open for a while. Thanks so much for the excellent suggestion.

      I like “Prodigy” as well. (One of my own ideas was “Wonder Boy”) and “Radiosmith” all one word, has possibilities as well. I was thinking of two syllables, though, …

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