cameras, matches, dogs and pies

indianmatchboxlabel-cameraAnother from my collection of scans of paper matchbox labels and similar printed ephemera.  Usually I keep them because of their awesome black line and flat color graphics, which are so inspirational for comics and cartooning, but this one, in spite of the awesomely odd camera art, is all about the slogan.  Proving that you were here has always been one of the major functions of the camera.  Even a snapshot is a tiny documentary.

Modern snapshot cameras normally come embedded in smartphones. Yesterday I found myself the proud but desperately confused owner of a brand new one.  My first instinct was to prove that I was here, in my living room, with the corgis.indianmatchboxlabel-dogsNexus 5, 8 megapixels, low light image cropped and run through one of the filters handily included.  I think it was the “vintage” one.

Getting back to the label, pies doesn’t mean literal pies.  A pie was a pre decimalization unit of Indian currency that was worth 1/192nd of a rupee, or, approximately, nothing.

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