read “tonbo”, a classic kekionga minicomic!

You are cordially invited to read Tonbo, one of my very favorite Kekionga minicomics. It’s a workplace comedy.  It’s a romance.  It’s got an alternate history pickup truck in it. It’s now on line, posted panel by panel with full notes and commentary, over on my “READ A COMIC!” site.  Click here to start from page 1.

I’m still exploring how best to post minis on the new site, and your comments are welcome.  And we’re still looking for a better name for the site itself …

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2 Responses to read “tonbo”, a classic kekionga minicomic!

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    I have had this open in a tab to read for awhile, and finally got a chance to read it! I don’t remember if I’ve read this one before (I’m sure I must have) but it’s really adorable and I enjoyed it a lot.

    I also loved your idea of breaking up the pages into separate panels for better reading online. Not only does it make a more convenient online reading experience, but I noticed it made me stop and focus on the details in each individual panel, rather than skimming past them to get to the next page. This is especially effective because your art is so detail-oriented, so there is always something to look at — details which might be missed otherwise!

    It’s a really effective digital display technique, and I’m going to have to remember it.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks for the comment (and of course for reading “Tonbo” and telling me you liked it.) I was actually pretty pleased with the results of my bright idea to split up the panels. The next step is to try the same thing on a comic that doesn’t have full panel borders– I often imply panels on the mini page and it will take some fancy cropping to separate them. No reason it can’t be done, though.

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