skylancer and mai tai

That sounds like a low rent team up comic:  “Skylancer and Mai Tai in: Secrets Prowl the Old Bazaar”.  Better put that in the notebook. Jack or Iowa or Mr. Spit could be reading a Skylancer and Mai Tai comic in the background of a Kekionga story.

Well, that was off topic.  As are these two photographs I took this weekend on my trip to Columbus for the SPACE convention.  The only thing they really have in common is that they were taken with my new phone camera, and I like the way they turned out.

Here’s one of my favorite tropical drinks at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the world, a mai tai at the Hunan Lion in Dublin, Ohio:IMG_20140414_154333Mmm.  A tasty mai tai–different kinds of rum, plus pineapple juice and grenadine and almond syrup, plus the classic maraschino cherry-slice of orange-plastic sword garnish.  Not shown, a big wedge of lime, which I had already squeezed into the drink.  And a nice image, with the variations in the lighting and the figure of the waiter in the background.  I have no complaints at all about the focus, and low light performance is better than one would normally expect from such a small sensor.

For a solution to a completely different set of challenges, have a sunny day outdoor shot of the Airplane at the Waffle House:IMG_20140411_133807

The Airplane at the Waffle House is actually the gate guard at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio, but it is displayed so far out at the end of the museum’s parking lot that it is actually much closer to the Waffle House across the street and could reasonably be assumed to be guarding it instead.  It’s a pretty good Waffle House, and the Sunday night cook made me a god sandwich once, so the Airplane’s guardian presence is much appreciated.

Fans of second generation jet fighters are forgiven if they fail to make a quick spot on the Airplane: it is a Douglas F5D Skylancer, one of four ever made and the only survivor.  Neil Armstrong flew it during flight testing for the famous Project Dyna-Soar in the early 60s.  IMG_20140414_160413

Here’s a legible but artistically indifferent shot of the plaque attached– dig that wonderful font.

I’ve been to the Museum once and it was OK (a few weird and cool objects and a great 70’s film about the Moon landing), but I never pass by Wapakoneta without stopping to visit the Airplane at the Waffle House.

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2 Responses to skylancer and mai tai

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Drat. Now all I can think of is a bad piece of dialogue from Skylancer and Mai Tai.

    They’re getting dressed formally for a State dinner, where they’re heading up the security teams.

    (Straightens hem, smoothes skirt) “Can you see my silencer, Skylancer?”

    and later on,

    (Fumbles with bow tie) “Help me tie my tie, Mai Tai.”

    …I REALLY shouldn’t post before 6 AM, should I?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    That was exactly how I was picturing them, early morning pre-coffee poster. He’s a big lug with some kind of superpowers and an old fashioned frame of mind, perhaps a retired super turned secret agent, and she’s a tiny powerhouse who is the brains of the outfit (and who is acutely aware of the sexist/racist/Imperialist overtones of her code name, but has decided to embrace it in a post modern ironic sort of way). They’re an odd couple, but they get the job done.

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