the summer minicomic project

There are four finished scripts in my pile that I really like, scripts for longer minicomics varying in length from 16 to maybe 36 pages.  (They aren’t all completely broken down.)   All are classic Kekionga stories featuring the core cast: a Junkyard, a Library, a Bud and the Professor two-shot, and a highly significant Jack and Iowa story.  And when you put them in chronological order, they could easily take place in one summer. They even have a sort of arc.

So I think I’ll draw them all, in order, this summer.  My goal is to finish them all, one by one, without getting too distracted, although I am open to adding one super short Josef story if I come up with an idea, since I am concerned that everyone’s favorite Mysterious Animal is getting shortchanged in all of this.  And there is one dangling hook that may be left to fill … but my arc is there, so I’m going ahead next week with:

  • Quarterly Report (late spring)
  • Bottlecaps (early summer)
  • Hero Boots (later in the summer)
  • Closing Time (early fall)

I plan to share each of them over in “Read a Comic! as they are finished (maybe I will even serialize them), but they will also be published as paper minicomics with full cover covers and will be available, eventually, as a box set under a clever title like “One Summer in Kekionga”.    Luckily, I have a while to come up with a better title. In fact, I have all summer.

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