the shoebox time machine

As I might have mentioned previously, I have been cleaning out the studio for the last week or so, and today I ventured into the closet.  I don’t think the door has been opened for 15 years and at least some of the stuff in there was brought over straight from my parents’ house when we moved out of our tiny first apartment in 1990.   At the very bottom under a pile of junk I found a Converse All Star shoebox, once that had once held a pair of black high tops, the kind I always wore in college, so it must go back at least that far.  The contents were even older: two small manila envelopes full of those little square 126 format photographs you used to take with a Kodak Instamatic.  I had one that I loved in junior high and high school.  I suppose you could say it was my first camera, although I don’t remember now whether it was actually mine or just a family camera that I often carried.

Anyway, I opened the first envelope, and among the junky “art” shots and pictures of friends, most of whom I couldn’t put a last name to today, I found this:IMG_20140426_160635(1)The car in the photograph looks strikingly like a white 2014 Tesla Model S electric sports sedan, a modern, even futuristic car that’s worth a second look today.  Back in the late 1970s when the other photos in the envelope were taken, it would have been something out of science fiction.  If I had seen it then, I certainly would remember the event, even 30 years later. Wouldn’t I?  And if I hadn’t seen it and shot it, how did the picture get into the envelope?

I put the picture back in the first envelope.  I didn’t open the second.  I put the lid back on the shoebox.  I put the shoebox back in the closet, piled all the junk back on top of it, and carefully shut the door.

There’s something very funny going on in the studio.

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2 Responses to the shoebox time machine

  1. Meg says:

    Or you were in the box sometime last year and don’t remember, unless you also had a Beef Mart near you in your youth.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    That’s another potential solution …

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