tumblr sunday– the noakes library expands

Or at least adds an annex.  Some of you may already be checking in on the Noakes Library tumblr to see a gallery of the photo references I’m using for my stories, but now Iowa Ginsberg,  library assistant supreme and Our Heroine, has started collecting and posting things she finds on the Library’s bulletin boards.  Expect news, announcements and little bits of character detail and Kekionga worldbuilding.

The new, expanded Noakes Library Archives and Bulletin Boards can be found, as always, at noakeslibrary.tumblr.com.  And here’s a look at the full sized version of the image that started it all.  It’s called Fox Writing with a Quill Pen, but we all know that the guy in the picture is really a wolf.noakeslibrarymascot(Looks like he’s in a bit of a mood.  You might want to stow that question temporarily and go finish your shelving.  Or read your section.  Meet you at the shelf list.)  (I love that this image comes from the collection of the New York Public Library.)

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